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Month: January, 2010

“Heavy Flow? There’s an app for that!”

What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t indulge in posting funny YouTube videos?

Believe the hype – iPads will change the way we use computers

A paradigm shift in human-computer interaction The end of the “desktop” First up, I love Apple. I do have issues with the company, but overall I am a fan and I do own several Apple products. Despite this, as Apple presented the world with their newest device, the iPad, I approached it with suspicion and [...]

Uk data free. Now let’s free the information

Great news this week as it was announced that the government will now be publishing the world’s biggest set of public data at http://www.data.gov.uk. Data, such as location of post boxes, traffic accidents and flu outbreaks is now available to anyone who wants it. After the liberation of this data, what we will see now [...]

3-D printing on the cheap

Well, not exactly cheap, but cheaper. Following on from my posts about the “Digitisation of Manufacturing,” HP have announced a consumer level 3-D printer. More can be read in this article from Wired. You can see one in action here.