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Bill Gates at Techonomy 2010

Fantastic talk by Bill Gates at Techonomy. In it, he discusses his views on energy resources, education, combatting infectious diseases and the impact that technology has had on their economic models. It’s not quite reinventing capitalism, as the name of the video suggests, but it is fascinating to hear Gates’ views on his work after [...]

The digitisation of manufacturing & Bruce Sterling’s “spimes.”

Printable electronics using ink jet technology Products that talk to us I’ve read a couple of interesting articles over the past month. The first was an article by PC Magazine about how Xerox have produced a “printable electronic circuit” using ink jet technology. This is the next step in 3D printing, which began with printers which [...]

Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer

Following on from my last post where I discussed the possibilities of a home computer with the processing capacity of a human brain, I came across this interesting TEDtalk by Henry Markram on the next steps in actually building such a computer. Fascinating stuff.

Openness in academic research

Can a researcher maintain a public blog or wiki related to their research or does it leave them vulnerable to ideas theft? An interesting issue was raised today during one of my induction lectures about the possible dangers of disclosing too much information about your own research to other academics. When discussing your idea or [...]

How social collaborative models can be used to design the information architecture of an e-commerce website.

As some of you may know, I am currently conducting part-time PhD research at London College of Communication, University of Arts London. Below is a short extract from my original proposal. This study aims to investigate the extent and the circumstances in which mass collaboration can be leveraged to design the information architecture of an [...]