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Bottom-up information architecture – creating wireframes from the ground up

Lately at work, I have been exploring the idea of a Bottom-Up Information Architecture methodology for web design. Traditionally, I have taken more of a Top-Down approach, whereby I begin the wireframing process with the navigation and homepage layout, before progressing down the sitemap through landing pages, individual content pages etc. Meanwhile, individual components such as registration forms, search and social media widgets would be designed as and when relevant to the page I am working on. The obvious benefits of this approach are that you can quickly get an understanding of the system in its entirety, and whole webpages can be tested early and in context.

How social collaborative models can be used to design the information architecture of an e-commerce website.

As some of you may know, I am currently conducting part-time PhD research at London College of Communication, University of Arts London. Below is a short extract from my original proposal. This study aims to investigate the extent and the circumstances in which mass collaboration can be leveraged to design the information architecture of an [...]